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The phenomenon of migration is actually a story that begins with the existence of human beings. Groups of people of different races have been subjected to individual or mass migration, either voluntarily or under pressure. These migration movements have had important results throughout history and have played a role in the formation of nations and states. Migration has not only opened doors to new lives, but also led to great humanitarian dramas. As well as playing a role in the development of countries, it has also been effective in the erasure of nations from the world.

In the century we live in, especially in the last decade, the phenomenon of migration has created an important international problem that has gained a different character. It is observed that a negative attitude has emerged in many countries against those who immigrated from other countries, whether due to war or other reasons.

In the face of the economic, political, legal, social and cultural problems caused by this extremely important social phenomenon, a healthy evaluation of these migration movements and their healthy management with the adaptation policies to be implemented by minimizing the potential dangers they contain are among the first problems discussed by countries today. .

Turkish-German University Migration and  Research Center (TAGU) deals with these problems in a scientific framework under the main heading of migration and integration, and focuses on immigrant, refugee and asylum issues, integration, media, identity, culture, rights, image, politics, civil society. bringing together important fields and themes such as economic activities, security, discrimination, religion, language, demographic developments, diplomacy: organizing public research, projects, reports, panels-symposium-congresses and participating in different activities, national and international working in this field It aims to produce solutions to the problems caused by the phenomenon of migration by cooperating with organizations.